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Wired went wireless,

now fiber goes fiberless.

We bring the functionality of fiber optics with the flexibility of wifi together in
one easy to use solution.

Temporary Networks

We provide events and venues with high bandwidth pop-up networks that can support high numbers of users during peak hours.

Private, Secure Networks

We help businesses with large campuses create modern, high speed, secure networks with minimal disruption and construction.

Emergency Response & Military

When the smoke clears, we're your "Day 2" stopgap communication infrastructure.

Compatiblity & Easy Integration

We use the same signal and connectors as fiber optics for easy direct integration with existing communication infrastructure and devices.

Introducing B-Link

The B-Link family of free space optical communication systems has solutions for temporary, deployable and permanent installation to meet a variety of communication needs. We're the wireless equivalent to fiber optics, meaning we can provide high bandwidth data connection through the air, without physical connection.


We can connect sensors across remote locations, bring private secure internet networks to your large campus, or set up a quick internet connection to restore service after a natural disaster - B-Link is the next tool in your connectivity toolbox.

Our patented beam steering technology enables B-Link to automatically find and connect between nodes, meaning the system is constantly adjusting to maintain maximum signal strength, even for systems in motion. It also means we're the easiest free space optical communication system to set up and maintain, with an automatic connection routine built in. That's why we're perfect for temporary solutions - set up and tear down are straight forward and easy to complete. Pair that with our low power consumption and compact size, and we're the go-anywhere solution for broadband connection.


Automatic signal locking maintains reliable, consistent signal strength


Enabled by patented beam steering technology


Easy set up, low maintenance solution you can set and forget



Low power consumption and compact size to go anywhere you need connectivity


Compatible with all other standard, off the shelf communication equipment


Unmatched security, finding and intercepting our signal is like finding a needle in a haystack

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Bringing communication to the most challenging places on Earth.

We believe communication makes the world a better place, and bringing connectivity to the most remote, challenging environments on Earth motivates us every day.

Meet The Team

Emily Fehrman Cory headshot (1).PNG

Emily Fehrman Cory, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder

cullen (1).jpg

Cullen Bradley

CTO and Co-Founder

Connecting Dots


Dayton. Ohio




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